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BOARD of DIRECTORS - Fiscal Year of October 2023 to September 2024







Mark Malouse -

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o   Background/Heritage: Mark’s family has been in New Orleans for three generations, having immigrated from France and Germany.
o   Staying Put: Growing up in St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Mark wanted to remain in New Orleans.
o   FMIA Connection: Mark joined Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association to receive the monthly newsletters.

o   Unwavering Attachment: Mark cannot imagine living anywhere else.

Corresponding Secretary:

Jenny Takakura -

o   Origin: Originally from Los Angeles, Jenny fell in love with New Orleans’ distinct culture.
o   Charm and Walkability: Jenny was drawn to the walkability and charm of the neighborhood.
o   Community Involvement: Joining Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association, Jenny aimed to contribute to improving Marigny for everyone.

o   City Love: Jenny admires the city’s uniqueness and the friendly nature of its people.

Recording Secretary:

Dr. "Doc" Maurice Sholas -

o   Background/Heritage: Born in South Louisiana, Maurice moved around during childhood.  After completing education and training, he decided to settle in New Orleans.
o   Home Choice: Maurice sought a historic home with ample space for his vibrant life, and "The Marigny Stoop" turned out to be the perfect fit.
o   Good Citizen: As a doctor, Maurice believes that being a good citizen is essential.  He values being part of the neighborhood he calls home.
o   Marigny Perks: Maurice appreciates the neighborhood’s proximity to water, great food, world-class entertainment, and accessibility from various parts of the city.


Chris Costello -  (Past Presidents Council)  

o   Origin: Originally from Southern California, Chris came to New Orleans for graduate school at Tulane.
o   Desire: Chris wanted a place close to the city center to enjoy its amenities but far enough away to avoid the hustle and bustle.
o   Charm Discovery: Falling in love with New Orleans’ charm—its history, food, and architecture—Chris chose to live in Marigny.
o   FMIA Connection: Chris realized that the neighborhood’s charm needed nurturing, which is what Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association provides.

o   New Orleans Love: Chris appreciates the city’s work-hard, play-hard attitude, and Marigny is an extension of that vibrant lifestyle.

Lisa Faatland -

o   Background/Heritage: Born and raised in New Orleans, Lisa spent twenty years abroad in Italy before returning to her hometown.
o   Desire: From a young age, Lisa dreamed of living in a historic, residential area close to the French Quarter, which led her to Marigny.
o   FMIA Connection: Lisa joined Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association and found like-minded friends who share her passion for historic preservation.

o   Joys: Lisa enjoys walking to various places, listening to great music, interacting with neighbors, and admiring the fabulous architecture.

Kip Hollar -

o   Origin: Originally from the Mid-Atlantic, Kip visited New Orleans with a group of twelve friends for Southern Decadence in 2008.  Little did they know that the City was to also be visited by Hurricane Gustav.  It was a proper initiation and trial by fire.  The City ordered a mandatory evacuation and all of his friends got out, but Kip got stuck and left behind.

o   Bit by the Bug: Having been stranded in New Orleans during the mandatory evacuation of Hurricane Gustav, Kip had the chance to indulge in all the flavors of the Big Easy.  Gustav ended up missing the City, affording him the opportunity to experience all it had to offer, without the immense crowds.  That little bit of time was all it took; Kip knew that relocating to The City That Care Forgot was his endgame.  Needless to say, he was bit by the proverbial bug.
o   Marigny Love: After studying and exploring the intricate communities of New Orleans for a decade, Kip ultimately fell in love with Faubourg Marigny and knew this is where he would end up settling and establishing roots.  He finally purchased a home in the heart of Faubourg Marigny on Elysian Fields Avenue in 2018.  Ironically—or perhaps it was fateit was in Faubourg Marigny that Kip stayed during his initial visit in 2008.
o   FMIA Involvement: During his ten-year courtship, Kip sought out a way to support his future neighborhood from 1,100 miles away.  He directed his United Way workplace giving campaign contributions to be dispersed as donations to Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association (FMIA).  Kip then joined the publishing team of the former Les Amis monthly FMIA paper newsletter, first as the Advertising Manager, and later also the Layout & Design Coordinator.  He eventually became a member of the FMIA Board of Directors, eager to lend his years of expertise in nonprofit effectiveness and community engagement.
o   Affirmations: Kip acknowledges and is grateful for the groundwork laid by the founders and past leadership of FMIA.  He appreciates the rich history, architecture, character, food, music, vibrancy, and all that is synonymous with the Crescent City.  Kip is thankful and honored to be able to be part of celebrating the diverse fabrics of historic Faubourg Marigny while charting the course for future growth and expansion of FMIA as the premier neighborhood association in New Orleans, focusing on preservation, beautification, and adaptive reuse.

Gary de Leaumont -   

o   Background/Heritage: Born and raised in New Orleans, Gary hails from the Gentilly neighborhood near UNO.
o   Architectural Love: Gary fell in love with Marigny’s architecture and affordable houses (especially in 1977 when they were cheap, and the neighborhood was rundown).
o   FMIA Involvement: After a neighborhood cleanup sponsored by Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association (FMIA), Gary joined FMIA, working on committees to beautify the neighborhood and learn about historic preservation.

o   Eclectic Charm: Gary adores the eclectic and quirky feel of Marigny, along with its beautiful streetscapes and vibrant community.

Bobby Moffett -   

o   Background/Heritage: Originally from Northwest Louisiana, Bobby attended high school in Destrehan and pursued both undergraduate and law degrees at Louisiana State University (LSU).

o   New Orleans Lover: Growing up near the city, Bobby always knew he would end up in New Orleans.
o   Passion: Bobby is passionate about preserving the historic character of neighborhoods and was drawn to assist in establishing Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association.

o   Charm: Bobby loves the idea of living in an old neighborhood with captivating architecture and old-world charm.

Greg Olson -

o   Origin: Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Greg’s partner was laid off during the pandemic but later rehired in New Orleans.
o   Marigny Love: After exploring various neighborhoods, Greg and his partner fell in love with Marigny due to its location and lively yet not overly noisy atmosphere.
o   FMIA Involvement: Greg joined Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association with the goal of making a positive impact.

o   Passions: Greg’s interests include history, walking, architecture, food, and most importantly, connecting with friendly locals.


Blight/Code Enforcement:

Chair:  Past President, Allen Johnson

By-Laws and Policies & Procedures Review:

Chair:  Greg Olson


Chair:  Corresponding Secretary, Jenny Takakura

Engagement/Meet The Neighbors/Home Tour:

Chair:  Lisa Faatland

Finance and Audit & Budget:

Chair:  Treasurer, Mark Malouse

Infrastructure/Public Works:

Chair:  Recording Secretary, "Doc" Maurice Sholas 

Land Use/Planning/Zoning:

Chair:  VACANT

Marigny Green:

Chair:  Debra Oppenheim 


Chair:  Robert Sonnier 

Parks & Parkways:

Chair:  Phillip Lege 

Quality of Life/Nuisance Bars:

Chair:  Kip Hollar 

Triangle Safety/Quality of Life:

Chair:  Lisa Faatland 

Security & Improvement District:

Chair:  Kip Hollar

STR Enforcement:

Chair:  Past President, Allen Johnson

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